Premoda vinyl buying guide Premoda vinyl buying guide

Premoda vinyl is available in a range of colours and designs, so you’ll be able to choose a style to suit your interior décor. Boasting water and slip resistant features, it’s suitable for bathrooms, kitchens as well as living rooms and bedrooms.

The cushioned feel of this thick vinyl makes it a great choice for any room. It’s super hard-wearing, easy to keep clean and durable, making this a good investment that will last for years. Find a vinyl style for your home or workspace in our collection.

Wood design vinyl

As a fantastically authentic alternative to solid wood, this vinyl is effective with knots and grain detailing. Available in a variety of wood types and colours ranging from gorgeous grey and beige to warm brown and oak effects. Saw marks help create a realistic look and feel and will help make smaller rooms feel more spacious.


Tile design vinyl

A realistic tile effect vinyl floor gives the illusion of an expensive textured stone floor. In a selection of designs including granite, slate and ceramic, the Premoda tile design vinyl will give you the effect you desire at a fraction of the cost. It is cushioned and cosy and you won’t experience the feeling of cold, hard tiles underfoot. As well as being comfy, you’ll add insulation helping keep your home or workspace warmer.


Patterned design vinyl

Uplift your interior with a funky, colourful pattern. Jazz up your room with a patterned vinyl and create a bold statement. Using an array of colours, pattern and motifs you can bring a contemporary take on a classic tiled effect flooring. Easy to maintain, the cushioned vinyl can be laid throughout the home, adding wow-factor to living spaces from the kitchen to your kids’ bedroom.