Premoda laminate is built to last and stay looking its best for many years, but there are still ways you can keep your new floor looking its best.

Find advice and top tips for looking after your laminate floor below in our care guide.


General maintenance

Regular cleaning is important to reduce your laminate floor from being scratched or damaged by debris. Use a vacuum a few times each week. You can also use a well-wrung mop to clean the floor with water. To add a little shine, use vinegar to cut through any tough splashes.


Top tips for looking after your Premoda laminate

  • Do not push or drag heavy items across the floor and be very careful when moving large items around as they can easily cause damage to the laminate.
  • Scratches and dents can also be minimised with the use of soft castors under chairs and table legs.


Cleaning and stain removal tips for your Premoda laminate floor

It’s always best to follow the manufacturers advice on which cleaning products to use on your Premoda laminate floor, but in most cases, you’re able to clean away dust and debris with a simple soft brush and mop.


Top tips for protecting your Premoda laminate floor:

  • Placing a doormat at entrances will help to minimise dirt from being walked onto and causing discolouration to your laminate.
  • Only use a well-wrung mop on the laminate to avoid warping and water damage.
  • Regularly hoover the laminate with a soft hoover head to remove excess debris.


Cleaning spills and removing dirt

It’s best to wipe away liquid spills and remove dirt from your Premoda laminate floor as quickly as possible. We’ve listed a few tips below on how best to mop up spills and stains.

  • Remove spills with a clean damp cloth straight away and clean up any residue with dry cloth to absorb excess liquid.
  • Do not use a saturated mop on laminate as the water could penetrate the top layers and cause the floor to warp.
  • Regularly vacuum your laminate with the use a hard flooring attachment. You can also sweep up with a soft brush to remove excess debris from the floor. A microfibre mop or cloth can be used to remove dirt and dust. Do not wet the mop too much as this could cause water to warp the laminate.


Intensive cleaning

You may need to give your laminate floor a more intensive clean to remove those stubborn stains. We’ve outlined a few helpful tips below on how you can keep your Premoda floor in tip-top shape.

  • Obtain a specialist cleaning fluid and use a well-wrung microfibre mop of floor cloth to remove tough marks and debris. Ensure any excess fluid has been wiped away to avoid water damage to your floor.
  • Avoid using damp cloths or mops on laminate with V-grooves or bevelled edges to reduce the likelihood of dirt building up and making it more difficult to remove.
  • Use ice to harden chewing gum or wax that gets stuck to the laminate floor and a plastic scraper to lift it off. Follow up with a slightly damp cloth to clean the area.


Maintaining your Premoda laminate floor

Over time, your Premoda laminate flooring may lose its original shine with a gradual buildup of dirt and dust. Follow the below guidance to help keep your laminate looking its best.

  • Vacuum regularly and sweep up any loose dirt straight away.
  • Remove stones and gravel immediately as they can easily scratch the surface.
  • Use water with a dash of vinegar to bring the shine of your floor back. Ensure all debris has been removed first and only use a well-wrung mop to clear the laminate with water.
  • For a more intense clean, use a water and vinegar mixture on a damp cloth and scrub heavily.
  • Use polish or a floor shiner to bring the sheen back, but always check with the manufacturer to ensure the products are suitable for use.


What if I scratch my laminate?

Premoda laminate is built to last, but surface scratches can still occur. Scratch guards are added to some laminate floors, but repair kits are also available. It’s best to avoid scratching your floor; see the below quick tips to avoid unnecessary damage.

  • Never use scouring pads or abrasive materials.
  • Remove shoes before walking on laminate.
  • Use a doormat at entrances and exits to reduce dirt and stones from damaging the laminate.